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Live Mix

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Creating an outdoor stage for a local festival or community gathering is a great idea, but one which requires a little bit of pre-planning. In a venue, smaller speaker cabinets can project sound well, and the acoustics of the venue can either help or hinder the quality of the sound. Outside, you are at most risk of outdoor sounds and very little reflection, so it’s easy for music and public speakers to not be heard. Read More»

The 3 Crucial Elements Of Any Event

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Planning an event can be extremely stressful, whether it is a professional launch party of a big product or just a birthday party that you wanted to do something special with. Events like these can range from thousands of people in convention halls to a little over a dozen in your own home, so naturally, there is a huge difference in what you will need to do in order to fulfil different purposes. Read More»

How to Get the Most of Your High Quality Speakers

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Most homes today have some kind of entertainment centre in their living room. It is possible to enjoy the latest blockbuster from the comfort of your sofa while taking advantage of the latest technology, and those special effects seem to get better with each new movie. Yet while you may have a big-screen TV to make the most of those visual effects, you may be receiving the sound through built-in speakers. Read More»